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What Is Consortium Agreement India

The DCA did not intend to define and regulate all aspects of the relationship between the consortium members. The SKA organization provided that other bilateral or multilateral agreements would be concluded between the members of each consortium and that the SKA organization would not be associated with these agreements. The SKA organization obliges the members of each consortium to enter into such an agreement, which must not be in contradiction with the terms of the agreement (provided for when the RfP documentation as DCA is published) between the SKA organisation and the members of the consortium. ——— question: „Schedule 2 – Operational Procedures. Days of work instead of calendar days! Answer: Calendar days have been chosen because national holidays vary from country to country, which means that working days are not necessarily organized between countries. However, it is up to the consortium members to decide such matters in their CA. [CA]. After initial reactions to the publication of the RFP, of which the DCA was a member, it became apparent that not all potential respondents fully understood the objectives of the CAD outlined above. For example, feedback has been received that the DCA should play the role of the aforementioned bilateral and/or multilateral agreements. This was not the intention of the SKA organization, but feedback is considered valuable to inform the recommended content and format of such bilateral and/or multilateral agreements. In the future, references to the consortium agreement relate to the bilateral and/or multilateral agreement between the members of the consortium to which SKA Organisation has not joined. It is now expected that the SKA organization and the members of the consortium, in place of the DCA, will launch a less prescriptive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to define the relationship between these parties. ——— question: „6.

Dismissal. 6.2. Why do we need the approval of the SKA organization to terminate a member? Answer: Paragraph 6.2 refers to the termination of the contract in its entirety and not only to the termination of a particular member`s participation. The successful delivery of work packages requires that consortia are not free to unilaterally end their delivery obligations. Article 6.1 concerns the cessation of the participation of a single member.