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Tesla User Agreement

With the built-in functions of a normal car, even those that may depend on the software, it is reasonable to think that a technician or mechanic should physically access the car to remove it. Even in the case of a technology product such as a laptop or smartphone, updates generally cannot be reset without the owner`s consent, unless there is special computer software installed on the device. In these cases, the company usually owns the device or has a legal agreement signed to the owner anyway. If you download software from this site (hereafter referred to as „software“), it can only be used in accordance with the associated licensing conditions („software licensing agreement“). You are not allowed to download or install the software if you have not read and accepted the software license agreement. The owner in question, whom Jalopnik calls Alec, bought the car last December. The dealership bought the car a month earlier from a Tesla auction, with „Enhanced Autopilot“ and „Full Self Driving Mode“ features intact, according to Jalopnik, who checked documents related to the ownership and sale of the car. The distributor then listed the Model S and courted for both functions. However, the unknown dealer, tesla had independently performed an „audit“ software of the car after the sale, and disables these features in a December update. The end result: when Alec picked up the car on December 20, he didn`t have access to all the announced features.

Tesla remotely disabled driving aids on a used Model S after being sold to a customer, Jalopnik reports. The company now claims that the owner of the car that bought it from a third-party seller – a dealer who bought it at a Tesla auction itself – „did not pay“ for the features and therefore was not allowed to use them. Tesla has recently identified cases where customers have been misconfigured for autopilot versions for which they have not paid. Since then, an audit has been carried out to correct these instances. Your vehicle is one of the vehicles that has been wrongly configured for autopilot.