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Motorrad-Führerschein Speed-Kurs Zum 8 Tage Speed-Kurs

Subscription Agreement In Arabic

The publisher (Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd) may, at any time and without notice, cease to provide services and terminate the subscription to online courses in the following cases: Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions or complaints about these services, please contact us at If you subscribe to Language Wave, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. You are also asked to create a username and password to log in. Subscriptions are only available to individuals and their personal use. Your account information can only be used by you and cannot be shared with others. You are responsible for protecting access to your password and account. Providing your account information to others so they can access the service is a violation of the subscription contract and may lead to the termination of your subscription. If you do not comply with the subscription terms, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription and not refund you. Voicewave subscription payments are made by PayPal or stripe payment systems. When you log in, you will be asked to select and use one of these payment platforms. You are asked to provide your credit or debit card number and the corresponding payment information to complete the subscription payment. PayPal and Stripe have their own privacy and security policies that you should check on their websites.

PayPal and Stripe are two international payment processing companies and we assume they use robust security protocols to protect customer data and payments. Nevertheless, Language Wave LLC disclaims any liability arising from the inappropriate publication of customer information by PayPal or Stripe and, as a subscriber, you agree not to compensate Language Wave for any damage resulting from the actions of these companies or from them. If you fill out the subscription form on our website to subscribe to our service, you can choose with Language Wave whether your subscription should be automatically renewed at the end of the selected subscription period (also known as „auto renew“) with the same payment information you indicate when you subscribe. If you opt for automatic renewal during your subscription, but want to stop it later before the end of the subscription, you can change your account`s automatic renewal settings on our website. To change your account settings, you first need to log in and then move to the Manage Subscription page, where you can disable the auto-renewal box or click on the „Cancel Subscription“ hyperlink and confirm your decision to cancel the subscription in the contextual chat box.