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Scadenza Learning Agreement Unibo

DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting the recognition application is listed in the „Winning Students` Guide.“ What is the deadline for the presentation of the Erasmus Treaty and the approved lanterns? The mobility agreement must be downloaded to the AlmaRM tool after the approval of the study agreement by the study board and before leaving for the host university? Yes, and you don`t need to ask for the discount formally. The data in the exercise bulletin is referred to for the calculation of the scholarship. Please note that the minimum duration of mobility is 3 months (90 days). If you want to shorten the time before you leave, before signing the mobility contract. When do I have to submit my learning agreement on AlmaRM? Your apprenticeship contract must be submitted in a timely manner before departure. Some curricula have set timetables for the presentation of the LA. We invite you to contact your contact by level. If you are non-EU nationals and need to renew your residence permit, you must apply for an extension of 60 days before the deadline expires. Contact the Exchange Students Desk or your campus`s International Relations Office to launch your application. I need help to complete the apprenticeship agreement, who should I turn to? At the Office of International Relations in charge of your field of study. Your studies are responsible for the content of the learning agreement and the subsequent recognition of the credits. Can I table the mobility agreement if the apprenticeship agreement has not yet been approved? No, you must file the mobility contract after approval of the apprenticeship agreement by the study board. How can I reduce the length of my mobility? There is no need to formally request a reduction in duration.

The length of your stay is calculated on the basis of the period. Please note that the minimum duration of mobility is 3 months (90 days). If you wish to reduce the duration of your mobility before your departure, please contact before signing the mobility contract. Countersì and Wednesday: 10:00 – 11:30 Friday: 10:00 – 11:00. 39 051 20 99348 – 98042 – 99089Orari:Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 13:00 In these cases, it is possible to change your apprenticeship agreement once a semester according to the same procedure for approving the apprenticeship agreement. The apprenticeship agreement must be concluded online via AlmaRM ( The conversion of grades is done through the ECTS, which can vary from year to year (for information How long does it take to present the apprenticeship agreement? You must submit the apprenticeship agreement in two periods to be approved before the start of your mobility.

We advise you with the international relations office responsible for your field of study to check whether the Board of Directors has established a timetable for the learning agreement procedures. The student, after seeing the educational offer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presents the proposal for a learning agreement on almaRM`s request at least 4 weeks before the deadline set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and motivates his decisions by interview or email. In the event of a correction, the agreed learning agreement is validated online and submitted for approval to the relevant curriculum committee. In choosing foreign education, the student must seek the best possible match between the programs and the credits and activities of Unibo related to them.