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Bull Lease Agreement

Dispute Resolution: Few bull rental agreements deal with dispute resolution and they should – just ask everyone who has been involved in a dispute. Litigation can be lengthy and costly. The parties should consider a mediation clause requiring the parties to a bull lease to use an experienced agricultural mediator to facilitate the resolution of the dispute. If mediation is hopeless, the parties should consider a binding arbitration clause in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Simply put, if two or more people go into business together and share profits, then they have formed a partnership. This is an important approach to understand, as general partnerships are often established within the livestock community, sometimes accidentally. Partners may legally bind other partners. If your intention is not to create a partnership, make sure that your lease agreement includes a simple clause stating that it is a landlord/tenant relationship versus a partnership. I have a 2-year-old cop that we want to rent. The other has 3 cows and 2 heifers. What is a reasonable fee and is there a contract for loss or injury issues that you would recommend to us? Veterinary care: The issue of veterinary care should be addressed in the bull lease agreement.

It is recommended that the breeder be required to immediately call the owner of the bull in case of a medical problem. Do the parties have a list of licensed veterinarians? Can the breeder use an available veterinarian in case of emergency? Who pays for reasonable and necessary veterinary fees? Registrations: Are there any registration obligations under the rental agreement? For example, does the farmer have an obligation to keep feeding or breeding records? Does the breeder have to provide the owner of the bull with data about the offspring, such as the weight of idleness, the annual weight or genetic DNA markers? Warranty/Guarantee: Does either party provide a warranty or guarantee? Perhaps the owner of the bull wants to give the guarantee that the bull is at the head of a given breed and is free of genetic birth defects. Most breed societies have put online the genetic testing status of registered bulls, which can be added to the rental agreement, in order to show that the bull is free of family tree, tested or probably free of genetic birth defects. As you can see, there is no suitable bull bleaching „One-Size-Fits“ for every transaction. That`s why it`s dangerous for cattle producers to take a form off the Internet, fill in a few gaps, and hope it`s „good enough.“ Bull leasing contracts should be carefully tailored to the individual needs of your business and the circumstances of a given transaction. . . .