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British Columbia Rental Agreement

(2) If the lessor is satisfied that a landlord can enter a non-authorized rental unit, the director cannot, by order (g), repair the tenant within a reasonable time to repair the damage caused to the rental unit or other real estate, as provided for in Section 32 (3) [repair and maintenance obligations]; (m) to respect the return of trust funds collected in accordance with Section 65, paragraph 1, point a), [decisions of the Director: violation of the law, regulations or leases], including the requirement of the circumstances under which interest must be paid to trust funds and how such interest should be calculated; If you want to carry out major renovations or repairs in which the rental unit must be empty before moving in, you or your close family member, you should terminate the lease with a four-month termination. If you are considering minor renovations where the rental unit does not need to be empty, like. B painting and replacing carpets and kitchen cabinets, two months notice can be used. (f) transformation of the rental unit into a non-residential use. (i) The tenant of a rental unit transfers the tenant`s rights to the tenancy agreement for a shorter period than the term of the tenant`s tenancy agreement, and a fixed-term tenancy agreement may have a specific date until the tenant must withdraw. If no date is given and the landlord and tenant do not sign a new lease, the contract is automatically converted into a month-to-month lease and all other terms of the contract remain in effect. (f) the previous or future rent must be reduced by an amount equivalent to an impairment of a tenancy agreement; Rent is considered delayed if it is not paid on the day or before the first day of the rental period. Landlords can charge the tenant an administrative fee that cannot exceed $25 for late payments, depending on the lease. the date on which the rent was paid under the tenancy agreement, (d) respect for the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants that are not incompatible with this law and as long as those rights and obligations are leases; (e) transform the rental unit for use by a janitor, administrator or superintendent of the residential property; 54 (1) A tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement with a landlord may apply for a property order from the tenancy unit by motion for dispute resolution. (3) A landlord who is an individual may terminate a lease agreement in relation to a rental unit if the owner or a close family member of the lessor intends, in good faith, to occupy the rental unit. Owners can use this form to apply for an injunction because the rental unit is uninhabitable, or for the tenant to follow the rules of the host park produced, or to request a problem that was not found at the dispute claim (RTB-12L-CT or RTB-12T-PT).