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Autonation Vehicle Protection Plan Agreement

Whether you want coverage for your tires and wheels, maintenance services or vehicle-looking parts, AutoNation sells a number of additional coverage plans to complement your extended autoNation warranty. Like most extended warranty companies, AutoNation does not cover routine maintenance services, vehicle modifications, non-standard use, negligence or abuse failures, existing conditions or collision damage in its protection plans. In addition to extended warranties, AutoNation also offers the following vehicle protection programs: We like the additional benefits offered by AutoNation and its many coverage options, but we don`t like the lack of online plan information from the provider. If you are not familiar with extended warranties, this will help you read standard contracts before you meet a seller. When you receive an offer from AutoNation, it`s always best to reach a few other suppliers as well. By reclaiming multiple offers, you can expand the options available. It also helps you find a coverage plan within your budget. You should have the option to finance the cost of the plan in your auto loan. Be aware that if you do, you must also pay interest on your warranty. Tire and wheel protection plans provide cover for tires and flat wheels due to road such as glass, nails, debris and potholes. It has a zero trigger and covers spare tires and wheels for the duration of the shot.

Contact your nearest store if you want to buy a plan. AutoNation has a Find A online store tool. What we like about AutoNation is that there are a lot of coverage possibilities. Not all reseller plans offer the same choice. Another interesting thing is that you can get an auto protection plan to cover only the engine. Most of the time, the lowest plane covers the entire powertrain. Vehicle protection plans will come into effect after the expiry of the plant warranty and will help pay for costly repairs that could otherwise destroy your budget. You can purchase these „extended warranties“ when buying the vehicle or, later, from a serious third party from the dealership.

If you are down, the first thing to do is tow your vehicle to a licensed facility. At this point, you need to connect the workshop to the AutoNation phone number for claims. No work can be done unless repair is allowed. If it turns out that the repair is not covered, you will have to pay for the repair, plus the possible diagnostic costs. AutoNation has very little information about lifespans (miles or years), example cost or vehicle authorization for any online plan. However, it has a live chat feature that can be useful if you are looking for more details on the plans before receiving a quote. The Asset Protection Guarantee (CAP) covers the difference between the current value of your vehicle and the remaining amount on your loan, if your vehicle is ever declared total damage. If you are offered an extended AutoNation warranty, this can be a good investment. However, you should carefully consider some of the details of the plan, costs and maturity limits before deciding whether to purchase the coverage.