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Anaheim Project Labor Agreement

A number of politicians do not agree with the use of agreements for publicly funded construction projects and have introduced bills or executive orders prohibiting the use of agreements for government projects or preventing the use of public funds for projects with PTAs. [72] [73] These include Louisiana Senate Bill 76, introduced by Senator Danny Martiny, which prohibits state governments from requiring a PLA for public funding projects. [75] This bill was passed in June 2011,[76] which made Louisiana the 5th federal state in 2011 to prohibit contractors from using GPs for publicly funded construction projects. [77] On February 6, 2009, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13502[1] which asks federal authorities to consider the use of LTOs for federal construction projects that cost $25 million or more. [29] The purpose of this act was to repeal Bush`s executive orders in 13202 and 13208, over the previous eight years, which had banned mandatory PLAs for federal and federal projects. [30] The Obama Order states that federal authorities may require a PLA if such an agreement meets the federal government`s objectives in terms of profitability and efficiency. Under the terms of the contract, contractors cannot compete for contracts subject to PLA, but they must accept the different conditions contained in each ALP to win a federal contract and build a project. [15] A significant change from the 2001 order is that the Obama order, by removing bush sponsors from federal funds, such as public, local and private owners, allows for the use of public construction projects of all sizes. The order does not encourage or instruct federal aid recipients to use a government-mandated PLA. [15] Supporters say that LSPs can be used by public developers such as school leaders or municipal councillors to set goals for local job creation and social assistance goals through the construction projects for which they are applying. [3] [59] [86] PLA may include provisions relating to targeted recruitment and learning relationships. Supporters believe that PLns can be used to help local workers develop skills by integrating the requirements of a certain proportion of local workers to participate in union apprenticeship programs working in the construction program.

[3] The term „Community Workforce Agreement“ (CWA) can be used to describe AEPs with Community provisions. [93] [94] Supporters state that the Community`s labour agreements will return to the municipalities the taxpayers` funds paid for these infrastructure projects. [59] [95] [96] Opponents of the PLA referred to examples such as the construction of Yankee Stadium and the Washington Nationals Ballpark, for which the two community agreements were concluded, but which did not achieve the objectives of local attitude and resources that were to be made available to the Community. [97] [98] [99] According to a report for the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, the PLA for the Nationals Ballpark did not achieve its three main objectives, namely that local workers worked 50% of company hours, apprenticeship places only for city dwellers and apprentices to work 25% of the hours of work for the project. [99] According to groups such as ABC, since TTPs require workers to be recruited through unions and there are far fewer union workers, this may mean that local recruitment targets cannot be met. [97] In 1997, Clinton proposed an executive order that requires federal authorities to consider the use of LTOs for Federally funded projects. [18] Republicans strongly opposed it and believed it would limit federal projects to union entrepreneurs alone. Clinton abandoned the executive proposal,[19] but issued a memorandum on June 5, 1997 inviting federal departments to consider the use of LTOs for „large and important“ projects. [20] The memorandum required the government authorities to re-examine