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Agreements Are An Input To Which Process

The discussion on entries and exits for the 42 processes of the PMBOK guide is thus closed®. Agreement: in the case of a project based on a contractual obligation, the agreement (contract) is a contribution to the project charter. Its content contains an edition of the 5.1 Collect Requirements process. To remember the data for this process, you cannot keep in mind that the purpose of this process is to document the project`s purchasing decisions, identify requirements and identify potential sellers. The baseline consists of sector instructions, the PSP and the PSP dictionary. This is the exit of the process of creating 5.3 PSPs. An entry into one process can be an exit from another process or things like documents, business guidelines and models created outside of project management processes. The work statement or SOW defines only the part of the scope of the project to be included in the corresponding contract. It describes the item to be obtained in sufficient detail to allow potential sellers to determine whether they are able to provide it. The SOW is included in the purchase documents (see number 12.1.4). An output can be a document, a product, a service or a result. A process generates one or more primary outputs and can also generate some secondary outputs. It was the seller`s reports that indicated the benefits that were completed.

The project management plan is an „integration“ of the basic plans (for example. B, level, schedule and costs) and subsidiary management plans (e.g. B project management plan, schedule management plan, cost management plan, risk management plan, etc.) other planning processes. It can also include the change management plan, configuration management plan, performance measurement base, project lifecycle, development approach (cascade, agile, hybrid, etc.) and management control points. The business case documents the commercial reason for the project`s implementation as well as the cost-benefit analysis. Much of the financial information used in the cost-benefit analysis comes from the project selection process. Many companies use non-financial metrics to justify a project, such as customer retention, improved business processes, reduced employee turnover, innovation, etc. 2.

Review of Processes in the Purchasing Knowledge Area The project charter is a starting point for the first planning of the project. It contains high-level project description, objectives, success criteria, timetable, budget and risks. All of these elements are important for the development of component plans – scope management plan, schedule management plan, cost management plan, risk management plan, etc.