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Advertising Production Agreement

The new contract provides: „If the Agency acquires the right to use the animation for additional use and requires that work be carried out for such use, it shall request the production company to make an offer for the performance of such work, but may have the work performed by a third party if it can have the work performed at a lower price and/or at a faster time, and inform the production company accordingly. There are more detailed rules in the new version than in the old one. In the 1997 version, the rights to specially created cartoon characters or models were retained by the production company, so their use outside of the advertising produced requires the prior written consent of the production company. The wording of this general effect is maintained, but the new contract goes beyond that by making it clear that if the Agency has acquired the copyright from the production company, by granting and paying a separate royalty for copyright in accordance with Section D(2) of the PIBS, the copyright in such an animation will be transferred to the Agency under the same conditions as the rest of the advertising. A marginal remark encourages 13 agencies and production companies to discuss with their brokers the feasibility of common liability insurance for local crews and artists. In such cases, the Agency becomes a designated part of the policy, which should be less expensive than the purchaser of separate coverage by the production company and the Agency. The new subsections (g) and (h) provide that, regardless of which party provides copyright or trademark materials or is responsible for the involvement of actors, other actors or models, that party, i.e. either the Agency or the production company, which is responsible for obtaining appropriate authorisations and approvals. THE ROLE OF THE PIBS-CONTRACT PIBS has long been the standard industrial production contract that exists between the Agency and the production site, its main function is to agree on the details of the shooting (date, location, specifications, format and instructions regarding film equipment, insurance, etc.) and especially the cancellation conditions that come into force when the client orders the Agency to cancel.

If bad weather prevents both the production company and the agency from reaching the site or providing personnel or equipment to that site, the new „shared losses“ clause applies and each party shares the costs equally. What happened: A revised version of the „agreement on the production of television and film advertising“ was widely used and replaces the previous version, which was introduced in January 1997. . .